Freedom Pre-Parade Briefing

Provo Freedom Festival Parade Briefing will be  Tuesday June 26th. at 1900 at the BYU Conference Center,  Room 2265.

*This will take the place of the New Ham Night at the Sheriff’s Annex*
**Everyone is welcome to come regardless of parade support or not**

If you are dusty on BYU here’s the campus map link:

The Conference Center is East of the Marriott Center. (#37)  Park in the lower lot.

It is *vital* that you have a mic, back up battery case, gain antenna (not just what the factory sent you antenna) and an ear piece for your HT for this event.  If you don’t have these, then working radio comms at the parade is useless; you won’t be able to hear a thing with 300,000 people along the route, all the bands, autos and joseph q. cannon firing.  Order or update your equipment now.  Now is the time to also make a copy of your HT manual if you don’t have one, and start putting together a parade pack.
If you want a chest pack, but don’t know where to get one, here are two sites I’m aware of:

Please come with questions to the meeting.  We will go over the important items but all questions are important and welcomed.

After the meeting, we will run the 2100 Net from the BYU EOC.  If you need to see the BYU EOC for your certifications, please come down and ‘log into’ the Net from there.

Hope to see all of you there!