* Emergency Power (setup and maintenance
* Power safety (110 volt especially)
* Using Ground / Earth connections
* External audio connections (headsets / amps/ mixers / speakers / PCs)
* UCARES netiquette (i.e. the stuff about it’s your obligation to be heard and understood so don’t get ticked if you are asked to repeat)
* Battery back ups (Alkaline, Lithium Ion or NiMh? What about rechargeables?

During Event Season:
* The Jump Kit list (available at Is the list helpful?
* Why should you have a jump kit at an event?
* Event experiences where they used items from the jump kit
* What is a Tactical Net? What is a Directed Net? What is a Directed Tactical Net?

Weather Conditions:
* Safety measures during a Lightning Storm (outside or in your radio shack)
* Heat Exhaustion – Hydration
* Winter Safety topic: Hypothermia
* Weatherizing your Radio / Jump Kits
* Winter Layering

Preparedness Topics:
* Why Anderson Power Poles?
* Other types of gadgets for your emergency kits (rig runners, voltage meters, etc.)
* Types of battery back up for: HT, Mobiles, Home Rigs
* Solar Poser (An Intro to it, resources)
* A Basic Introduction to CERT for UCARES Members
* ARRL Forms (These are online)

Communications Beyond ARES:
* How to run a successful SET for family, neighborhood, church and how to use communication skills
* Putting together a Go Bag for yourself and family
* Having a plan (esp. communications) when your at work, on vacation, not at home, at school
* Making Preparedness fun: Creating SET scenarios for your family – report on how they worked
* Headlamps and how to pick the right one for the job
* Car Radio Kits – Using your car as a remote radio base