Field Day on June 27th will be at Cory Wride Memorial Park in Eagle Mountain from 1200 hours till dark. Setup starting at 1000 hours. Bring your HF radio and gear, set it up and have some fun making contacts. If you don’t have a HF radio, you are welcome to get on the air with one of the radios here! Invite a friend to come out to learn what ham radio and emergency communications is about. I will bring a stove and frypan if you want to cook your own meat. Please do not bring food to share. Because of the Covid 19, we must follow CDC recommended guidelines, including wearing a mask, spacing ourselves 6 feet apart, using hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. So the radio stations will be spaced apart from each-other. Click here for a Google Map link to the park.

Thanks for all you do with UCARES, W7MJP, Emergency Coordinator