Timpanogos Emergency Response Team (TERT)

Outdoor training will be Saturday May 15th starting at 0800 at Aspen Grove, Theater in the Pines. At present we expect to be wrapping up by 1330. If that means you need a lunch or snack handy, please come prepared. Please plan accordingly to keep yourself comfortable no matter the weather conditions for the duration.

We will share an agenda as the date approaches.  A few topics to expect are Landing Zone prep/procedures, recognizing snow dangers and terminology, and medical considerations for hikers who may have previously recovered from COVID-19 and end up suffering unexpected complications on the mountain. We will also have a few hands-on breakout sessions on various topics, including a few light technical items not covered by TERT in recent years.

If you are new with TERT, or unfamiliar with the following topics, please take some time and familiarize yourself with a few videos from the archive prior to the 15th. These topics are all still very relevant for this year. Medical category: (Both of these presentations are from 2020 training) Heidi Vawdrey – First On Scene – SAMPLE, etc: 22:23 Heidi Vawdrey – Urgent Care on the Mountain: 1:03:59

Radio category: 800 MHz public service radio usage: Using the TERT radio autopatch Thanks for all you do with TERT. We expect a fun day learning and catching up with each of you!

In place of indoor training this year we will have a series of occasional online meetups where different topics and skills will be covered.