2021 UVARC Ham Radio Fair

The Utah Valley Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce their very first ham radio fair Thursday July 15 starting 6:00 pm in the at Pheasant Brook Park North Pavilion, 400 N 800 W in Lindon.
This is a very informal, fee-free eyeball QSO (in-person gathering) that replaces our July club meeting, and all are welcome, especially families. One of the purposes of this ham radio fair is to give those folks who missed Field Day or the 76ers Barbecue, yet another opportunity to join the fun and see how it’s done.
Once we kick off the fair at 6 pm, there will be no presentation or speeches, but there’ll be an announcement or two. You might find the following activities there:

  • spots for you to show off your portable or other station
  • kiosks where you can analyze your antenna or test your coax
  • GOTA (get-on-the-air) station, in case you missed it at Field Day
  • an elmer​ bench, where you can ask questions that you might have been afraid to ask on the radio
  • food and drinks (a sign-up sheet will be posted)
  • demonstrations, posters, kits, equipment show-and-tell
  • representatives from other clubs and groups
  • radio programmers, who can, well, program your radio
  • old but working handheld radios that the kids (or you) can try out
  • and more!

You can show up as early as 4:30 pm, if you have an antenna or station you’d like to set up. Commercial power will be available, but we’d love​ to see your solar and off-grid solutions too!
Talk-ins on 146.780- and 146.760- repeaters. See you there!