Technician Ham Class in Eagle Mountain

Eagle Mtn Technician Ham Class Invitation, We are excited to an ounce that anyone interested in becoming a Licensed Ham radio operator, the City of Eagle Mtn will be conducting a five-week, no cost, entry level class, and exam.  This class will help anyone prepare to pass the FCC Technician exam.  I have worked with all ages of participants, some as young as 9, and others as young as 90.  If you have any interest in becoming a licensed Ham Radio operator this class is for you!

Eagle Mtn. Technician Class Schedule: Thursday August 19, August 26th, September 2nd, September 16th & September 23rd, from 7pm till 9.

All classes will be held at Eagle Mtn City Hall 1650 Stagecoach run, Eagle Mtn UT 84005 To register for class please email or with any questions?

The exam for this class will be held Sat Sept 25, 10 am in Spanish Fork UVARC swap meet at the The Orem Extra Ham class will also be held for the next 5 weeks starting Jul 13, Jul 20, Jul 27, Aug 3, Aug 10   to register for this class email