DHS – ARES State wide SET exercise

On October 31st at 9:00 am, the Operations Section of the Utah
Department of Public Safety and the Utah Department of Homeland Security
have scheduled a State wide Simulated Emergency Training.

DPS/DHS is working to involve numerous different agencies so this event
should prove to be a very interesting exercise.

The exact details of the exercise have not yet been released.  I believe
this is intentional since in the event of an actual emergency or
disaster, we would have very little to begin with.

What can we expect?

We have not yet been asked to man the EOC’s, however, don’t be surprised
if you are asked to report to your assigned EOC, and if your are
responsible for opening an EOC and cannot be available, you should make
plans with someone else assigned to your EOC who can open it in your
place.  This call could come a week in advance, the night before, or 10
minutes after your needed.  Please be ready.

Be ready to monitor the normal UCARES frequencies in case an emergency
NET is called.   Those frequencies are:

147.340 +(100)

Possible back-up frequencies:

147.280 +(141.3)
146.460 (s)

NOTE: There may be multiple nets going on.  Please listen to the net
control before checking in or asking a question.  Is the repeater you’re
listening to a staffing net, info net, or is it something else?

How will you know if a net has been called? We have a number of ways to
alert ARES membership.  E-mail, SMS pages, phone calls, or just
monitoring the 2M frequencies.  Any or all of these could be used in the
event of an emergency.