Utah County Fire Watch

With an already very eventful fire season this year, and the fourth of July this week, the Sheriffs department has asked us to be extra vigilant.  2394

As you are out and about throughout the week be very aware of possible fire or fire risks.    Please report any smoke, fire, or other hazardous situations you see.  Encourage friends and family also to use extreme caution this year while celebrating the fourth.

I will be asking all the AEC’s throughout the week to monitor the 145.23 repeater and take reports for fire watch.   If you see anything that you think needs to be reported, check in on that repeater.

If you see fires or anything else involving danger to life or property you should call 911.

If needed, we may assign UCARES members to watch specific areas.  Be ready to respond if asked.

For more information on current fires:



Thanks again for all your support this season.    -N7TTP